Andy Martin alerts Republican Party to lack of State Fair identification

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U. S. Senator from Illinois/2008
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Chicago, IL 60611-4723
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August 13, 2007

Mr. Andy McKenna, Chairman
Illinois Republican arty
205 W. Randolph
Chicago, IL 60606
via fax (312) 201-0181

Re: Republican Day/Straw Poll at the State Fair

Dear Andy:

Because we were doing some research for our circulator team for Thursday, we went to the Illinois State fair web site and looked at Thursday’s events:

There was no mention of Republican Day or the Straw Poll or any activity by the Illinois Republican Party. I am concerned that many Republicans will do exactly what I did, look at the State Fair web site, find nothing and get discouraged. We all want a big turnout. The poll is listed on, but the Fair’s web site is also critical.

There is nothing I can do about this information gap but I wanted to bring it to your attention so you could decide whether to take action.





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