Andy Martin accuses primary opponent of committing blasphemy in church by lying about “health plan”

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the People of Illinois”
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(CHICAGO)(January 26, 2008) U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin charged Saturday that Steve Sauerberg committed blasphemy at a candidate’s forum held at the Independent Baptist Church in Bolingbrook on January 22nd.

“I have been saying for some time that Steve Sauerberg is lying about his crackpot ‘health plans,’ but voters can now hear his dishonest and despicable lies for themselves, on the Internet,” Martin announced.

“I congratulate the Illinois Family Institute for posting the debate on the Internet.

Now, anyone can hear Sauerberg lie about his health plan by listening to the answers on Medical/Healthcare. In the exchange, I accuse Sauerberg of taking away the right to jury trial in medial malpractice cases, and he denies my claim. Sauerberg has lied before, but this is the first time be has lied in a church. In my opinion, going into a church and bearing false witness is blasphemy.

“Sauerberg’s ‘health plan’ is available on his web site.

“Sauerberg says he can save 35% on the entire health care budget by eliminating ‘frivolous lawsuits.’ This man is in lala land.

“First, his plan eliminates the constitutional right to a jury trial, but only in medical malpractice cases. To protect wealthy doctors. There is nothing voluntary about his proposal. No one would voluntarily give up the right to a jury trial. We fought a revolution to preserve the protections of trial by jury. Juries protect the poor and weak against the rich and powerful.

Sauerberg has repeatedly lied in candidate forums and said he does not want to eliminate jury trials. But a plain reading of his ‘plan’ contradicts him. It is sad that the news media have swallowed Sauerberg’s nonsense without ever pinning him down.

Second, Sauerberg seems to suggest that the entire judicial system is corrupt. How else could ‘frivolous’ lawsuits survive in the courts? Don’t insurance companies move to dismiss them? Don’t judges conduct hearings? Don’t losers appeal to higher courts? Does the whole legal system become corrupt when a doctor is involved as a party? That’s nonsense.

“Sauerberg’s entire thesis is ridiculous. He is reading words from a stale playbook. He is a man obsessed with having been sued for malpractice, and he has poured thousands of dollars into his crackpot scheme to clandestinely remove jury trials in medical malpractice cases. Now, thanks to the Illinois Family Institute, anyone with a computer linkup can hear his lies and prevarications.

“Sauerberg is a man consumed by his own righteousness, to the point of going into a church and blatantly lying. I will not let him get away with it. Sauerberg makes appeals to Christian voters, but what voter can support a candidate who blatantly lies? In a church?

“Steve Sauerberg is an embarrassment to the Illinois Republican Party. He is the McKenna’s Family’s ‘designated loser’ to reelect Combine Senator Dick Durbin. This weekend Andy McKenna is parading around Sauerberg to Young Republicans as a serious candidate. The Sauerberg/McKenna charade is merely the ‘Combine’s’ attempt to protect Durbin by nominating an incompetent opponent.

“When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?” Martin said in leveling his charges.

© Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Chicago-based Martin holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (312) 440-4124. Web site: Also:;


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