Mark Kirk’s fatally flawed campaign for the U.S. Senate

The “Kirk Fallacy” and the self-destructive impulses of the Illinois Republican “Combine” Party’s leadership

The Kirk Fallacy:
U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin explains why Republican support for Mark Kirk is delusional

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(CHICAGO)(September 5, 2009) I support the right of any candidate to run. People criticize me, and I criticize my opponents and their backers. That’s how the electoral process functions. But, ultimately, supporters of a candidate have to ask themselves: is his or her strategy viable?

Mark Kirk’s strategy for the U. S. Senate cannot succeed. That is why Kirk has sought to purchase the nomination by “donating” $50,000 to the Illinois Republican “Combine” Party.

Kirk’s theory is that a “liberal Republican” from the extremely liberal North Shore suburbs of Chicago can be elected to statewide office as a “moderate” or “liberal” Republican. This belief is delusional for two reasons.

First, let me admit that as one of Kirks competitors I am envious at the showering of media attention on Kirk’s doomed campaign. The liberal media just love to lavish attention on Kirk. Why? Because they want a liberal to win the Republican Senate primary. How many conservatives actually work at Chicago TV stations and newspapers? None.

But what the media giveth, the media also taketh away. The love fest with Kirk is only going to last until February 2nd. Once the Democratic candidate is determined, Kirk’s liberalism will be the reason the media reject Kirk. You can already see that happening within the liberal interest groups that heavily influence media coverage. They are attacking Kirk as a “conservative.” They want no part of a “Senator Kirk.”

Is it logical; is it rational to believe that on February 3rd Democrats are suddenly going to embrace Mark Kirk? Kirk may even be a radical on the issues, but he would vote for Republican leadership in the Senate. So Kirk is not going to win liberal votes. The day after the primary, liberal media support for Kirk will evaporate.

Well, you say, Kirk can run as a moderate. Here is where Kirk has hung himself with his own nose. If he tries to tack “moderate” in the general election, his friends in the liberal media will abandon him as a turncoat. So Mark Kirk is running a doomed campaign for the U. S. Senate.

Why is Kirk really running? In my opinion Kirk is a stalking horse for his friends in the Obama administration, such as Rahm Emanuel, who do not want a conservative Republican to emerge as the candidate for Senator.

Obama is terrified that my campaign might catch fire and win the nomination. Here’s why: first Obamabots know I am a ferocious opponent of Obama and everything he stands for. Obama knows my internet attacks cost him millions of votes in 2008. He knows how devastating I could be as a Senator.

Second, Obama knows what Republicans want (his pollsters are not stupid). They don’t want Mark Kirk. So if Obama’s liberal media quietly convince Republicans to nominate Kirk, he will be an easy candidate for Republicans to abandon in November, 2010. Republicans are already threatening to do precisely that!

In a column this week, Roger Simon (no conservative himself) ran the following remarks from Greg Mueller, “a political consultant who specializes in conservative candidates.”

“‘There is a coalition to be tapped of Republicans, independents, reawakened Perot voters and center-right Democrats,’ Mueller said…’ Mueller said this coalition is looking for someone who will stand up and “fight in an energetic fashion.”…we don’t want someone who will try to wonk his way to victory.’”

Is Mark Kirk a candidate who has ever, in his entire life, been someone who would “stand up and ‘fight in an energetic fashion?’” Of course not.

Mr. Mueller was defining my candidacy, not Mark Kirk’s. You can love me or hate me, but you can’t deny I am a fighter. And Barack Obama knows I will fight him.

Please consider supporting my campaign. I am the only viable alternative to Kirk in the primary.


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