Did corrupt Illinois “Combine” Republicans elect Barack Obama president?

Andy Martin explains how his unsavory opponents may have inadvertently sent Barack Obama to the White House in 2008. The “Stop Andy” movement may have had unforeseen consequences.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin speculates: did the “Stop Andy” movement in Illinois really elect Barack Obama?

Martin says the malicious efforts of Illinois Republicans to attack him may have allowed Obama to win in 2008

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Andy Martin explains how efforts of “Combine” Republicans in Illinois to defeat him may have inadvertently elected Barack Obama president

(CHICAGO)(September 7, 2009) Sometimes a complete idiot can disarmingly disclose an obvious truth. A couple of days ago an idiot attacked me on the “conservative” web site IllinoisReview.com. (“IR”) Although the column on IR was actually about the 2010 gubernatorial race in Illinois, out of the blue the rabid moron smeared me and my mother. Well, after almost half a century in Illinois politics I am used to being attacked.

Since I began exposing and opposing corruption by both Democrats and Republicans in the 1960’s, I have been disliked by the puppet masters in both parties. Sleazy Republicans and sleazy Democrats find common cause in attacking and harassing me. I’m someone who has proved with decades of integrity that I cannot be bought.

But in reading the recent ranting of the anonymous poster on IR [www.IllinoisReview.typepad.com], a moment of clarity emerged.

The “Stop Andy” movement in 2007 may have elected Barack Obama in 2008. You can thank crooked “Combine” Republicans in Illinois for the election of Obama.

Follow my reasoning.

The hard left in American politics (that is to say left-wing Democrats and the lunatic-fringe left in American politics) despises me because I wrote the first stories raising doubts about Barack Obama’s religion and family tree. Amazingly, recently a right-wing “Combine” Republican jerk attacked me on the “Chicago GOP” site for, yes, attacking Obama. (That’s why Illinois Republicans are doomed to wander in the wilderness.)

I began writing about Obama in 2004. By 2006 my questions about the mystery man with the Kenyan father were creating a national platform for my views.

My writing began to raise concerns in the Obama camp once Obama formally declared for president in 2007. Then, as now, I was searching for the truth and trying to find the facts about “Barry O.” Nothing more, nothing less. I was not grasping at bogus documents to file false lawsuits. I was merely digging for original public records. I still am. Obama is just as much of a mystery man in 2009 as he was in 2004.

Who is Obama? We still don’t know. He won’t even release the original 1961 copy of his Hawai’i birth certificate. Why not?

In 2007 I also became a candidate for the U. S. Senate.

The Illinois Republican Party was controlled and corrupted by a poor-little-rich-boy, Andy McKenna. McKenna disliked me because I had helped torpedo his own campaign for the senate in 2004. The McKenna family is closely aligned with the Daley Machine; McKenna has always been seen as an errand boy for the crooked “Combine” of Democrats and Republicans that controls Illinois politics.

At this point, the recent ranting of the IR “conservative” intersects with reality. He admitted there was a “Stop Andy” movement in 2007.

McKenna, in the words of the Illinois review “conservative,” orchestrated a “Stop Andy” movement because McKenna was afraid I would win the Republican nomination for U. S. Senator; my candidacy would have then posed a serious threat to “Combine” incumbent U. S. Senator Dick Durbin. McKenna was absolutely correct in his fears. Had I won the primary, Durbin would have come under attack from my campaign.

McKenna schemed to nominate a Republican patsy for Durbin. Among the dirty tricks orchestrated by the State Central Committee of the Republican Party was a bogus “endorsement” for the “Republicans’” Durbin patsy. I narrowly lost the primary. The Republican patsy was never heard from again. Durbin won a landslide victory.

My research and writing about Obama continued in 2008. My http://www.ContrarianCommentary.com columns became a popular book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask.” I led the first research team to investigate Obama’s family history in Hawai’i.

And gradually, as the presidential race wore on, my national profile began to rise. Obama was frantic to undermine me. He put up his own patsy in the Washington Post, a woman who claimed she “researched” the “rumors” about Obama and “found” they led to me. In fact, I had never spread any rumors whatsoever about Obama; I had only been digging for the truth and trying to find the facts about him. Obama was trying just as hard to lie about his past.

Through the summer of 2008 David Axelrod and Obama’s inner circle became increasingly frantic. Obama was on the verge of overtaking the seemingly senile John McCain, who was running what seemed like an almost-patsy-style campaign as Obama’s opponent.

But a growing percentage of the American people were harboring increasing doubts about Obama’s past. My columns were fueling these doubts.

Sean Hannity invited me to be a guest on one of his programs:

[Click on Part Two for my segment]

Hannity’s program became the most controversial national TV show of the 2008 presidential race because of my presence. None of the other guests on Hannity’s show elicited the left-wing reaction I did. The day after Hannity’s program, the New York Times reported that liberals were in a frenzied mood and demanding my scalp. If Liberals and hard leftists were apoplectic, how could the Obama campaign ignore the significance of my appearance on Hannity? Or was Obama actually stoking the frenzied attacks on the media for not attacking me?

Obama’s operatives had already created a “dirty tricks” operation to harass me. They were filing bogus biographies on the Internet (soon to be a major lawsuit) and using leftist journalists to trash me in the national media. But the more the Obamabots smeared me, the more the American people believed the evidence I had assembled and wanted answers to the questions I had raised.

By default I became the leader of the national Republican Party’s anti-Obama Internet campaign. McCain had none of his own. It was then I became identified as the “Internet Powerhouse.”

During “commentary” session after a subsequent McCain/Obama debate on Long Island, Obama’s operative exploded with a furious attack on Hannity for having had me as a guest. I had become the focal point of the presidential race. Hannity and I had triggered a retaliatory firestorm. Rupert Murdock, Hannity’s boss and Fox News owner, who was already groveling at Obama’s feet, sent a munchkin out to smear me. Hannity did not come to my defense. Money talks.

But the power of my commentary and the cogency of my analysis endures. Last month (August, 2009), long after the presidential election, Hannity announced he would rebroadcast his program in which I had appeared. The program mysteriously disappeared.

Obama still fears me. Smart man that Kenyan-American.

But here is where we sum up and I draw what is sure to be yet another controversial conclusion. If Illinois Republicans had not sabotaged my campaign for the U. S. Senate in 2008, I would have won the nomination. Had I won the nomination, I would have continued my research and analysis of Obama’s past from a much higher platform, instead of having to build that national platform from scratch.

My views about Obama would have reached national television before Hannity’s program on October 5th.

And very likely we would have mobilized enough independent voters, by opening their eyes to the gaps in Obama’s resume, to narrowly elect the somnolent McCain president.

In other words, if Illinois Republicans had not opposed my candidacy, we might, just might have had enough momentum to successfully lead the charge against Barack Obama’s election.

You can thank sleazy “Combine” Republicans in Illinois for Obama’s presidency. I am sure Barry O thanks them every day.

In 2010, I am again a candidate for the U. S. Senate. For Obama’s former senate seat. What does Barack Obama fear most in the U. S. Senate? Andy Martin sitting in his former senate seat.

And what are Illinois Republicans again scheming to do? No surprise this time: “Stop Andy.” And who showed up to endorse my “Combine” opponent? Why semi-sentient Senator John McCain, of course.

Now you know the rest of the story.

And you know why every honest American should stand behind me and against the relentlessly corrupt Illinois Republican “Combine” Party. In 2008 Illinois Republicans elected Obama; in 2010 they are trying to block the election of the one candidate who would become Obama’s strongest opponent in the U. S. Senate.

Ain’t “democracy” wonderful?

[P.S. if you really, really want to stop Barack Obama, you know what to do: please make a generous contribution to my campaign. This time, maybe the American people will win. To donate go to http://www.AndyforUSSenator.com or mail us a check.]


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