DuPage County Republican leader Dan Cronin slammed for putting “lipstick on a liberal and pretending he’s a conservative”

Andy Martin charges that Dan Cronin’s “healthcare rally” Saturday, September 12th is nothing more than a political event designed to defraud DuPage County Republicans into supporting ultra-liberal Mark Kirk

Andy Martin on “democracy,” DuPage County Republican-style

“Cronin’s cronies” are trying to defraud DuPage Republicans with a bogus event designed to promote ultra-liberal Mark Kirk

Republican for U. S. Senator

“He works for
the People of Illinois”
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Andy Martin to Dan Cronin: “You Lie!” (Now where have I heard that before?)

Martin says Dan Cronin is tying to “put lipstick on a liberal and pretend he’s a conservative.”

DuPage GOP Chairman is hosting a Mark Kirk campaign event disguised as a “healthcare rally;” for shame. For sham!

Martin says DuPage County Republicans should be spending their money rebuilding their party, not promoting proto-Democrat Mark Kirk for the U. S. Senate

“The politics of hypocrisy” will be in full view in DuPage County Saturday, as one of Illinois most conservative counties is used as a backdrop for the senate campaign of one of Congress’ most liberal members, Mark Kirk

(CHICAGO)(September 12, 2009) DuPage County Republicans need to build and strengthen their party. The conservative base of the party is ageing and slowly eroding. Instead, DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin is using his limited financial resources to promote one of the most liberal members of Congress in a sham “healthcare rally” today, September 12th. Does this make sense? None whatsoever.
DuPage Republicans are supposedly hosting a “healthcare rally” Saturday. My retort to Mr. Cronin: “You Lie!”

This event is not a “healthcare” rally. It is a crass attempt to unlawfully and improperly use DuPage GOP funds to boost the candidacy of my primary opponent Mark Kirk. If there is one thing people do not need right now it is another “healthcare rally.” We have been inundated with rallies, town hall meetings and every which kind of meeting about “health care” all summer.

So why is Dan Cronin assembling a crowd to, in his own words, call DuPagers to “rally around their leaders?”

I can understand why Cronin would want to promote Reps. Peter Roskam and Judy Biggert. Both represent DuPage County in Congress. But Mark Kirk? Kirk’s district is many miles away from DuPage County. The “healthcare rally” is really an illegal sham event designed to avoid reporting DuPage County GOP expenditures for Kirk as contributions to his senate campaign.

Cronin is trying to violate campaign laws by disguising a political contribution to Kirk as a “rally” for “healthcare.” Most DuPage Republicans despise Kirk; Cronin is trying to undermine that opposition by giving Kirk his own Cronin-orchestrated love fest. At party expense.

When contributors give money to the DuPage County Republican Party, they expect those contributions to be used to support conservative-to-moderate causes, not to rouge up extreme, pro-infanticide liberal Mark Kirk as a “conservative.”

Will Cronin’s gambit work? Are DuPage Republicans that dumb? I don’t think so. But Cronin’s cynicism makes him unfit to lead the party. A leader who lies to his followers, and uses legerdemain to violate federal and state campaign laws, is not a leader at all. He is a gangster.

Has Cronin scheduled forums for gubernatorial or senatorial candidates? Nothing at all. He’s too busy for that. He’s too busy promoting one of the most liberal members of congress, Mark Kirk, to DuPage County Republicans as a “conservative.” Does Cronin think people are that gullible? Cronin’s contempt for DuPage County Republicans would justify his ouster.

Dirty politics is dirty politics whether practiced by Daley Machine goons or Cronin Machine goons.

Ironically, “coddling” Kirk is a sign of weakness. The attempt to buttress Kirk with bogus events is a sign that the Illinois GOP leadership is terrified I am going to knock him of in the primary. I carried almost forty counties in the statewide primary last year, and received almost a quarter of a million votes. I am within striking distance of defeating Kirk. Cronin and his cronies can’t deal with that.

Andy Martin? Isn’t he the corruption fighter that helped force a corrupt DuPage County Illinois Supreme Court justice off the court decades ago? Horrors. Ethics? If I win the primary, we will see the dawn of a new day. Illinois Republicans will be led by a real corruption fighter, with a real record, not phony “corruption fighters” such as Mark Kirk, who has never done anything in decades of professional politics to fight corruption anywhere anytime.

Why do “Cronin’s cronies” fear a real corruption fighter at the top of the ticket? You got it.

Cronin is signaling that he feels he doesn’t think the public supports Kirk, so he is trying to desperately gin up support with bogus events that are calculated to exclude all of Kirk’s primary opponents from participation. In other words, “democracy,” DuPage County Republican-style.

Plain talk. Dan Cronin is trying to defraud DuPage Republicans into thinking Kirk is one of them. Mr. Cronin, I repeat: “You lie!”

To try and present conservative DuPage County voters with Mark Kirk, putting “lipstick on a liberal and pretending he’s a conservative,” reflects Cronin’s arrogance and abuse of authority. A county chairman should be neutral in party primaries. He should not be scheduling sham events to showcase one candidate while excluding other candidates for the same office from participating. Cronin’s event is a transparently political and deceptive gesture.

Cronin says the event will be used so the “party faithful [can] come together to rally round their leaders…”

Mark Kirk, a conservative DuPage County GOP leader? Is Cronin asking Republican voters to “rally around” “cap and trade” Kirk? Think about the Cronin’s nerve. [Kirk gave $50,000 to the Illinois GOP to buy their support; check out Cronin’s pockets Saturday to see if they look flush with cash.]
For the third time, Mr. Cronin, I repeat: “You lie.” For shame. For sham.


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