CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Racist candidate lied to Republican Party leaders

Andy Martin says racist Republican Patrick Hughes lied to Party leaders on August 20th when Hughes claimed he had “commitments” of $400,000 to his campaign. The “commitments” had shrunk to $130,000 by September 30th. Hughes has failed to explain the discrepancy.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Patrick Hughes should withdraw as a candidate

Martin says Hughes lied to Illinois Republicans when Hughes said he had $400,000 in financial “commitments” to his campaign

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Andy Martin says Patrick Hughes lied about his “$400,000 in commitments” to his campaign

Martin says that as a lawyer, Hughes knows what the term “commitment” means

Martin says it is time for Hughes to bow out and avoid further embarrassment

Martin says “Champion News” and businessman Jack Roeser should also disassociate themselves from Hughes and D. Paul Caprio

(CHICAGO)(October 10, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, October 10th to suggest that Hinsdale attorney Patrick Hughes withdraw as a candidate.

“As seldom as I quote Rick Pearson,” Martin says, “Pearson did report correctly that Patrick Hughes told Republican leaders on August 20th that Hughes had $400,000 in ‘commitments’ to his campaign. I was there and I personally heard Hughes make his claim. Pearson also heard Hughes.”

“Hughes is a lawyer, not a layman,” Martin charges, “and is aware of the need for precise speech.

“I strongly support the right of every person to be a candidate for office. I have never asked anyone, and will never ask anyone, to withdraw merely because they are a candidate. But when a candidate lies to the voters, he forfeits the right to run. Hughes appears to have lied to the Republican Party about the extent of his financial support.

“Of course, maybe Hughes ‘adviser’ D. Paul Caprio lied to Hughes, in which case Hughes is a ‘chumbolone’ candidate. He is a lawyer/candidate who is easily fooled by hucksters such as Caprio.

“Hughes is now attempting ‘damage control’ by admitting his $400,000 in commitments’ has shrunk to $125,000 in actual cash contributions (the rest of Hughes’ ‘support’ is his personal loan). The discrepancy between $400,000 and $125,000 is so large that it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Hughes lied, or that his candidacy has subsequently imploded.

“D. Paul Caprio’s role in the Hughes campaign is also unresolved.

“Hughes is now having to throw his own cash into the kitty to avoid even more embarrassment. How much spare cash does he have? He owes Republicans yet another explanation.

“We will shortly be contacting Mike Ditka to verify another one of Hughes’ erroneous claims, namely that Ditka is backing Hughes’ ‘chumbolone’ campaign for public office. Ditka’s support appears to be another whopper.

“When a lawyer such as Hughes uses the term ‘commitment’ he knows what a commitment is. Either Hughes lied on August 20th, or his campaign support has evaporated. He owes the Jesus wing of the Republican Party a prompt and complete explanation as to what happened to the missing $275,000.

“Hughes has become an embarrassment-a-day candidate with his racist attacks on other candidates; he is now lying about financial ‘commitments’ that have disappeared. If Hughes had come in only a few dollars short, no one would hold him to account. But there is a vast difference between ‘commitments’ of $400,000 and receipts of $125,000.

“How much of this embarrassment can his supporters take before they admit they were duped by wheeler-dealer D. Paul Caprio into supporting pig-in-a-poke Hughes?” Martin will demand. “I repeat what I said previously. Hughes is a growing embarrassment to the Republican Party. He is an unmitigated disaster for the ‘Christian’ wing of the Party that says it backs him.

“We have been contacted with new ‘issues’ about Hughes, and we expect to lodge new charges against him in the next few days.

“How did Jack Roeser ever fall for this bogus candidate? Hughes is demolishing the credibility of Champion News.

“The time has long since passed when Hughes should discover he ‘needs to spend more time with my family.’”

October 10th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,


Saturday, October 10, 2009 2:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin
Says that Patrick Hughes should withdraw as candidate because he lied to the Republican Party. Martin says lying is unacceptable.


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