Republican U. S. Senate candidates “locked out” of “endorsement” sessions

Mark Kirk supporters have barred other candidates from speaking at suburban “endorsement” meetings Saturday. Andy Martin calls the exclusion “totalitarian” tactics. Martin will confront Kirk at the endorsement sessions. Kirk’s own poll shows Martin leading the congressman. “We have an upset-in-the-making,” Martin says, “and the Kirkster knows that. That’s why he has resorted to dirty tricks and slimy tactics so early before the election.”

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will confront Mark Kirk at suburban “endorsement” sessions Saturday

Martin says Kirk’s opponents have all been “locked out” of the bogus “endorsement” meetings

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Andy Martin’s investigation shows Kirk supporters are rigging endorsements like “Chinese elections”

Martin says that Kirk supporters have “locked out” all of his opponents from bogus “endorsement” sessions Saturday

Andy Martin demands that Pat Brady “Free Wheeling Township Republicans! Free Northfield Township Republicans! Free New Trier Township Republicans!”

Martin says “There is an upset-in-the-making, and Mark Kirk knows it.”

(ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL)(November 14, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold Arlington Heights and Winnetka news conferences Saturday, November 14th to expose that Mark Kirk supporters are planning massive “endorsement” fraud on Saturday, November 14th.

“I received calls from other candidates telling me they had not been invited either,” Martin states. “Kirk is hijacking the Republican Party by holding ‘closed’ endorsement sessions where his opponents are barred from speaking.

“When did suburban Republican committeemen become dancing bears for Mark Kirk?

“How is it that in Illinois in 2010 the office which is at the top of the ballot is being locked in the closet? Gubernatorial candidates are welcome but senate candidates are unwelcome? What is happening?

“So far as I can determine, no one but Kirk was invited to appear Saturday, and no candidates for U.S. Senator will appear except Kirk or his supporters. The little critter thinks he’s a banana republic dictator.

“When did the Illinois Republican Party start ‘locking out’ candidates for statewide office from presenting their credentials at township meetings? This behavior is a disgrace to our men and women in uniform who are fighting for our freedoms. Kirk is a complete hypocrite.

“Sadly, the Republican Party today may be even more corrupt than the Democrats. Kirk, who is a de facto Democrat, may not be the lesser of two evils. He is the greater of two evils,” Martin will charge as he attempts to be heard at the “locked out” endorsement sessions.

Media wishing to verify the “lockout” can contact other U. S. Senate campaigns:
Arrington (708) 932-8559
Lowery (618) 771-6734
Thomas (217) 414-9303

Kirk previously issued a bogus “poll” that claimed he was winning the primary, but which excluded Martin’s name from the list of opponents. Kirk was obviously losing his own poll—to Andy Martin.

Martin is asking suburban committeemen to delay endorsements until January.

November 14th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


[1] Arlington Heights, 909 E. Rand Road,
[Wheeling Republican Party headquarters],

[2] Winnetka, Winnetka Community House,
620 Lincoln Avenue


Saturday, November 14, 2009
8:30 A.M. Arlington Heights
9:30 A.M. Winnetka


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says that Mark Kirk’s supporters are “locking out” other candidates from Saturday endorsement sessions


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Dear Committeeman:

Your leaders are preventing me from speaking at your “endorsement” session. The meeting is rigged to endorse Mark Kirk although Kirk faces substantial opposition within the party. As near as I can tell, all of the other senate candidates were prevented from speaking at your endorsement meeting. What kind of democracy is this? Why the rush?

Kirk took a “poll,” claimed he was winning, and left my name out of the list. I was beating Kirk in his own poll.

Here are my three (3) basic requests.

1. Vote “no” on any endorsement today.
2. Demand that all U. S. Senate candidates be heard.
3. Delay any endorsement until mid-January.

What is happening today makes a travesty of the Republican Party and is an embarrassment to anyone whose endorsement “vote” is being used to defraud Republican primary voters.





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