Andy Martin zings an opponent, again

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s lawsuit charging “money laundering” by an opposing campaign has been transferred to federal court from state court by the opponent. Martin’s opponent has confessed that he is “Candidate X.”

Patrick Hughes confesses: “I am Candidate “X”

Hughes transfers Andy Martin’s “Money laundering” lawsuit to federal court

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Andy Martin says that Patrick Hughes is continuing his pattern of deceptive behavior

Hughes admits he is “Candidate X” and transfers Martin’s “Solo” lawsuit from state court to federal court

(CHICAGO)(November 9, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin announced today that his primary opponent Pat Hughes has transferred the “Solo Family” lawsuit, originally filed in the Circuit Court of DuPage County, to federal court.

“Mr. Hughes is taking my lawsuit very seriously,” Martin noted. “He made a ‘federal case’ out of my claims that ‘Candidate X’ was breaking the law. Hughes has admitted he is ‘Candidate X.’ Amusingly, Hughes moved the lawsuit to federal court even before the sheriff could serve the Solo Family defendants. Both Solos admitted they are Hughes operatives.

“Hughes has established a pattern of deceptive and manipulative behavior. Last summer he paid D. Paul Caprio to recruit ‘pro-family leaders’ to his campaign. Caprio did not disclose he was acting as a paid agent of the Hughes campaign.

“Hughes then sent ‘consultant’ Jon Zahm out to attack me when I filed a meritorious complaint against Hughes because of his fraudulent behavior as an attorney. Zahm appeared to be acting as a paid spokesman for Hughes, though Zahm now denies that claim. Hughes was forced to admit I was legally correct. He had to pay his dues as an ‘active’ attorney or face professional discipline.

“Then Hughes falsely claimed that Mike Ditka had both ‘endorsed’ Hughes and agreed to serve on his ‘Finance Committee.’ Ditka denied both claims, although he later issued a lukewarm ‘endorsement’ of Hughes. Ditka has kept his distance from Hughes since ‘endorsing’ him. Some endorsement. Ditka flatly refused to serve on Hughes Finance Committee.

“Then Hughes demanded that the two African-American candidates withdraw from the Republican Party senate primary. Hughes claimed he had a secret deal with Arrington and Wallace for them to withdraw. Both men denied Hughes’ claim.

“Hughes then tried to use a straw man to order petitions from the State Board of Elections. When I offered Hughes the option of admitting he was ‘Candidate X’ and avoiding a lawsuit, Hughes chose to be sued. Now that he has been sued, he has been forced to make an admission that he was indeed ‘Candidate X.’ We will be deposing his ‘workers’ to find out how they paid for the petition copies.

“In addition to manifesting a continuously deceptive personality, Hughes also manifests gross incompetence as a lawyer. He was unlawfully holding himself out as a ‘General Counsel’ at a time when he had suspended his law license and gone on ‘inactive’ status. That was a serious legal violation.

“Hughes now claims he has a right to ‘copy petitions.’ I agree he has that right. What Hughes does not have a right to do is launder money to pay for petitions in a way that disguises his payment for the petitions. If Hughes can’t even comprehend the basic ethical requirements of an attorney or federal candidate, how is he going to deal with the complexity of being a U. S. Senator?” Martin asks.

“Obviously, Hughes is out of his depth, and drowning. But then Hughes was unable to cope with the complexities of voting either, until he decided to become a candidate for U. S. Senator. He voted for the first time as a Republican in 2008. What took him so long? He’s 40 years old.”
© Copyright by Andy Martin 2009.


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