Illinois U. S. Senate primary: Andy Martin is the “Kirk Killer”

Jim Warren of the New York Times may have unwittingly written Mark Kirk’s political obituary. Andy Martin explains why. Liberal media begin to face the prospect of Andy Martin on the attack in Illinois.


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January 2, 2010

Ninety-six hours that continues to change American politics

Dear Illinois Republican:

What a difference a few days make.

Last Monday we launched our “Bunker Buster” attacks on Mark Kirk with Bunker Buster #1. Overnight my media campaign has become a national fixation.

Our slimy state Chairman, Pat Brady, who has publicly endorsed Mark Kirk, quickly denounced me despite the fact that the role of Chairman carries with it absolutely no authority to attack primary candidates. Pat Brady was acting as another one of Mark Kirk’s “beards.” A week after the advertising began, Kirk has not been heard from other than a limp two-line response from a staff member. Kirk is hiding behind Brady’s smears.

Pat Brady is a disgrace as Republican chairman. The Chairman should not be taking sides in primaries. The bylaws and rules of the Party do not give him any authority to do so.

I urge you to reject Brady, a mediocre lawyer and “Combine” stooge who was chosen in a secret deal ten minutes after Andy McKenna suspiciously resigned, in yet another “fix” that has reduced the Illinois Republican Party to laughingstock status. Don’t listen to Brady & Co; they are just mouthpieces for Kirk.

Instead, listen to what the liberals are saying about my campaign, and listen especially to the growing panic in the liberal media.

Jim Warren, who was dumped by the Chicago Tribune in one of their many internal coups, thought he would write a “cute” column insulting me and trying to defend Kirk. Instead, Warren’s column in the New York Times may turn out to be the first epitaph of Kirk’s political career.

You will notice that Warren, like Brady before him, tries to revive 25 year-old and 35 year-old smears on me. Don’t they have any newer lies to use against me? In both of the smear episodes, I exposed massive corruption in federal and state court systems, and the judges retaliated by trying to demonize me with lies, distortions and much worse.

But the “core” or Warren’s arrogance was his liberal dismissal of a bold, creative advertising strategy that was created by my media operations command. I have over forty (40) years of radio and TV experience. I have produced creative and controversial attack advertising for decades.

The initial liberal reaction to “Operation D-Day,” which I correctly predicted in advance would level Kirk’s political operations, was to smugly suggest that I was doomed. Quite the opposite is happening.

Here is the aftermath of “D-Day.”

People who initially assumed I had made a major blunder, now are coming around to the view I may have executed one of the most brilliant strategies in recent political history. Inside my campaign, we call it the “Inchon” landing on Kirk’s back doorstep. Kirk is in hiding. No one in the media has heard from him. Even people on “active duty” get to make phone calls. Where is he? No one seems to know. Kirk has not announced his whereabouts, because he is hiding from his own friends in the liberal media. They have questions; he does not want to provide answers to the HillBuzz accusations about his lifestyle in Washington:

It is slowly dawning on liberals, who initially suggested that Kirk would not be hurt by my attacks, that Kirk is mortally wounded politically. His career is over. Kaput. Here is one writer who has had a change of heart:

Why was I right and the liberals wrong?

First, liberals dominate the media. They wallow in their own lies and self-delusions. How many liberals even know a Republican conservative?

Second, liberals do not vote in Republican primaries. Conservatives do. Conservatives do not want Kirk.
Conservatives have been increasingly aggravated and disillusioned because our “conservative” party in Illinois was under the daily working control of homosexual “advisers” hired by Judy Topinka, Andy McKenna and Mark Kirk. That is why hundreds of thousands of Republicans have abandoned the Illinois Republican Party in disgust.

Third, I want to stress that I have nothing against homosexuals. They are entitled to the same rights as any American. I will defend those rights. In fact the gay candidate for U. S. Senator in the Democratic primary (Jacob Meister) greeted me warmly the other day when he realized I was not attacking homosexuality but rather exposing political hypocrisy on the part of Mark Kirk.

Nevertheless, the Republican Party is a conservative party and we as a party we take a more conservative approach to issues such as same sex marriage, ENDA and other gay-issues. Kirk has been a leader in Congress in advocating the gay agenda. His pro-gay advocacy is a legitimate issue in a primary to select to a conservative candidate.

Hundreds of thousands of Republicans who previously stopped voting Republican now have an incentive to come back into our primary to support my conservative campaign. If I don’t win the primary, no one will have the guts to stand up and run a conservative campaign in Illinois. So vote. Kirk’s other “opponents” are not serious candidates for national office.

Fourth, what is the practical effect of my advertising campaign and my candidacy? Judy Topinka, Andy McKenna and Mark Kirk have lost control of the primary. The media can’t protect them because I have taken the moral issues directly to the voters. Topinka, McKenna and Kirk could never survive having the curtain pulled back from their shenanigans. Now that I have taken my case directly to conservative Republican voters, Topinka, McKenna and Kirk are finished.

That is why I am predicting Jim Warren’s defense of Kirk was really the first of many political epitaphs for the Kirkster.

Fifth, with me as your U. S. Senate candidate, the rearmament of the Republican Party has begun. Illinois is guaranteed to become the most important national battleground in the 2010 election. In the wake of my advertising campaign the national media are already focusing attention on the Illinois senate primary.

Sixth, if you can’t fight, you can’t win. It is obvious that in a public career that now spans parts of six decades in Illinois politics, I have made some mistakes. No one is perfect. But let’s talk “Raw Politics” and “Hardball.” Whoever wins the Republican primary, even Kirk, is going to be attacked by the liberal media. Any Republican candidate will be targeted.

The only thing you can say with certainty is that if the candidate does not know how to go around the liberal media, as I do, and if the candidate does not know how fight back, as I will, that candidate is doomed. I have the experience and the will to fight back. No one doubts my ability to wage war on the Democrats starting on February 3rd.

Republicans are tired of being pushed around by the liberal media. I will not be pushed around. Republicans want a fighter; I am a fighter. End of “debate.”

Illinois conservatives want to defeat Kirk. I am the only candidate who has shown the ability to accomplish that task. It won’t be pretty but we will get the job done on February 2nd. On February 3rd, a united conservative Republican Party will be ready to start attacking the Democrats instead of each other. Topinka, McKenna and Brady will be out. Conservatives will be in.

No wonder the liberals (see link above) are having second thoughts. My campaign has declared war on liberal media hypocrisy. A historic turning point has been reached in Illinois politics.

Will you join me in making history and taking back this great land from the Mark Kirks and Barack Obamas of the Washington Beltway elite? This is genuinely a historic opportunity. Don’t hesitate. And don’t miss it.

The bottom line: my campaign and only my campaign is the “Kirk Killer.” Please support me and please make a generous donation online at to keep my ads on the air. With your financial support we will have anti-Kirk, anti-Topinka, anti-McKenna advertising on over 200 radio stations.

Let’s take back the Republican Party from these two-faced Republican liberals.

Happy New Year, God bless you all,



P.S. We need cash, lots of it, to keep the ads on the air. We need even more cash to platform the new “Bunker Buster” ads across the state on more than 200 radio stations. Please donate at our web site Today. Don’t miss this chance to score the conservative upset win of the new decade. If we win on February second, conservatives across America will win.

© Andy Martin 2010


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