Andy Martin: a passion for public service and public integrity. Please vote February 2nd

Andy Martin recalls forty years of public service to the people of Illinois, and promises a renewed passion to rebuild the Illinois economy. Martin makes an appeal for votes in the February 2nd Illinois Republican primary.

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February 2, 2010

Dear Republican:

Now it’s up to you. Please vote. We need every vote. We need the votes of your family and friends. Just two years ago in the U. S. Senate primary I received nearly a quarter of a million votes (240,548). That was a presidential year when turnouts are traditionally higher. But if we could get everyone who voted for me in 2008 to vote for me in 2010, we could win the U. S. Senate nomination and change the politics of this state.

Monday we completed a 700-mile trip across the State of Illinois. We met with both media and ordinary citizens. The response from local Republicans was always enthusiastic.

All of the Republican senate candidates have adopted roughly similar platforms. All of them claim to oppose gun control. All of them claim to oppose abortion. One candidate calls himself as “Reagan conservative.” Puuuulease. All of us are Reagan conservatives. No candidate has a monopoly on President Reagan.

So why vote for me?

In one word: passion.

As campaigns wear on, candidate stock speeches often get stale. But I don’t have a stock speech. Every speech I give every day is new, fresh, original.

My opponents look at politics as a vocation, a business, a profit-making venture. I consider the opportunity for public service a call to arms, a call to action, a call to passion.

Ever since I began fighting local corruption as a young law student at the University of Illinois, my passion for corruption-fighting and for public integrity has distinguished me from my competitors. Over forty years ago a background check found that I was a leading conservative and a staunch opponent of the New Left. No other “conservative” Republican has my forty-year record to offer you as a starting point for service in the U. S. Senate.

Most candidates go through the motions with little emotional investment in the outcome. Voters want “jobs?” They discuss jobs. They deliver what the public appears to want. They use polls to test their responses.

I don’t need a poll to tell me our nation is under attack; our values, our way of life, our economic system are under attack from Democrats in Washington and Springfield. I see Illinois cities hurting. I see politicians profiting while the people are impoverished. I see Illinois futures dying and children leaving.

I promise you a passionate defense of American values. I promise you a passionate attack on the economic problems that confront Illinois. My plan to use high-speed passenger rail development to jump start economic development is a commitment I believe in.

Over thirty years ago my passion for the people of Rockford and Winnebago led me to answer a call to help local residents fight for better transportation. We went to the Governor’s office to protest cuts in Highway 51. I proposed we create a new Interstate highway. My efforts culminated in the construction of Interstate 39.

Yesterday I drove on I-39. My concept had been turned into concrete. My dreams had been realized. I saw an incredible stream of trucks carrying commerce across the state. How would we have accomplished the same goals if the opponents of I-39 had succeeded? My passion carried the day. Today the highway I helped create delivers the goods.

Now I have to ask for some of your passion. The forces of corruption and inertia are in control of both political parties. Politicians become more and more powerful as our state teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. I need your passion, your commitment, your energy to vote for me.

Please vote for real change, not hollow promises. Please vote for a proven champion who has delivered real results. Please vote for the future of today’s children and grandchildren. We cannot fail. We cannot tire. We must succeed to save Illinois from the forces of corruption and calamity.

Together we can succeed. Together we can build high-speed rail into a major new economic engine of this state. Together we can preserve our home towns and expand economic prosperity to every corner of this state. Together.

I am ready to serve you in Washington.

So vote. Please vote for our future. Vote for a better and brighter future. Vote for the future of this great state of Illinois. I need your vote.

My pledge is a simple one. To follow God’s plan for us. The Prophet Micah (6:8) says that we must “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” That is my promise to you.

If we band together as a team, our votes collectively can become a powerful force in Illinois politics. Your vote is needed and appreciated, today. I ask you again for your vote. Thank you.

As always,



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